• Trailer Fleet No.

  • Registration Plate Number

  • Person responsible for this inspection

  • Staff ID #

  • Conducted on

Photo of Trailer

  • Add media

  • Is this a full inspection or quick 'visual only' inspection ?

  • Should a defect be identified, use the "follow up" or "add media" options against the relevant item being checked

Lights and Indicators

  • Check lights and indicators

Wheels, Tyres and Brakes

  • Check tyres for tread depth and any signs of cracking, particularly on the walls

  • Check tyre pressures, including the spare

  • Check wheel free movement and bearing play by suitably raising the trailer

  • Check grease condition

  • Check wheel studs are at the correct tension - include nuts holding any spare wheels

  • Check jockey wheel is secure and can be easily lowered and locked into place. Ensure there has been no damage to the tyre and that it freely rotates.

  • Is it possible to see brake lining condition through inspection holes?

  • Do they appear acceptable ?

  • Remove the hubs and check the brake linings

  • Do they appear acceptable ?

  • Check brakes 'breakaway' system is operational, including battery condition<br>IF APPLICABLE......


  • Check springs and rubbers

  • Check U bolts and suspension pins

  • Check jockey wheel is secure


  • Inspect safety chain (s) and ensure shackles are in place and locking pins are free to be screwed in and out of shackle.

  • Inspect tow hitch and adjusting screw and lubricate as required.

  • Inspect electrical connection and test to ensure it is fully operational and the pins are clean and clear of debris

Chassis and body components

  • Check removable sides and doors operate correctly and securing mechanisms and latches function as designed.

  • Check that the tray, chassis and wheel arch covers are not compromised by excessive rust

  • Check any fixing loops, straps or covers.

  • Check mud flaps are functional

Fire equipment

  • Is there fire extinguisher on the trailer ?

  • Is in in acceptable condition and in date with date stamp label attached?

  • Take photo

  • Provide details

Signs, Labels and plates

  • Check Signs, labels and plates are in good order and clearly visible e.g. SWL, Long Vehicle, Hazchem etc.

Miscellaneous Defects

  • Identify any defects not noted previously

  • Take photo of defect if req.

Any general comments about the trailer as a whole (if not already provided)

Inspection Completion

  • Have you placed an inspection sticker on the trailer ?

  • Are there any outstanding defects that were not able to be rectified at the time of the inspection,<br><br>Or<br><br>Are there any other observations that in your opinion, would make the trailer unserviceable or unfit for use ?<br><br>In either case, details of any defect must be recorded in the categories outlined in this checklist or the "Miscellaneous Defects" section.

  • Immediately report this to your supervisor and await further instruction. TAG THE TRAILER AS 'UNFIT FOR USE' AND FOLLOW THE AGREED PROCESS

  • SUPERVISORS USE ONLY: Use this space to provide and repair details, cost estimates or time frames ...

  • Signed by operator

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