Staircases, Lifts, Reception & Common Areas

Daily - suction clean all carpeted areas

Daily - empty waste paper bins, common areas and reception and store waste in appropriate place for collection

Daily - clean bright metal work (I.e kick plates, door furniture etc.)

Daily - damp mop resilient flooring

Daily - clean entrance halls and lifts including doors and indicator panels

Daily - spot clean and polish inside all lifts and polish doors inside and out

Daily - suction clean all mat wells

Daily - clean stair treads risers and landings to staircases

Daily - clean all lift landings

Daily - clean both sides of glazing to entrance

Daily - dust fire extinguishers

Daily - remove all loose dirt and dust form door jambs

Daily - dust and dry polish all furniture

Daily - polish all brass meme plates (external) arms reach

Daily/Weekly - remove finger marks where possible from around light switches and finger plates on doors

Weekly - polish all furniture using liquid spray wax, removing spillages

Weekly - sterilise all telephones

Weekly - wipe with damp cloth all painted window sills and ledges

Weekly - wash and dry all waste paper bins

Weekly - clean lift doors

Weekly/Monthly - suction clean lift door channels

Daily - clean glass internal reception doors

Daily - clean interior of lift walls and doors

Daily - dust window sills and ledges

Weekly - clean external steps at fire on Gresham Street


Daily - clean inside and outside of all WC pans, basins and taps, disinfect and leave in a clean and hygienic condition

Daily - clean and polish both sides of WC seats, outlets and overflows

Daily - clean and deodorise urinal bowls

Daily - clean mirrors to toilets and remove splash marks to hand basin surrounds

Daily - clean all wash basins, waste outlets and overflows and dry polish taps and fittings

Daily - clean all metal work (I.e kick plates, door furnishings etc.)

Daily - damp mop floor using germicide disinfectant

Daily - replace towel rolls as necessary

Daily - replace toilet rolls as necessary

Daily - replace soap as necessary

Daily - check and report on any water leaks, faulty plumbing etc.

Daily/Weekly - Remove finger marks where possible from around light switches and finger plates on doors.

Weekly - wipe with damp cloth all painted window sills and ledges to arm's reach.

Weekly - disinfect toilet pans and urinal stalls using ammonia strength disinfectant

Weekly - clean under and behind all radiators

Weekly - damp wipe partitions and spot clean painted wood surfaces including entrance and cabinet doors

Monthly - captive towel machines and incinerators, external surfaces to be wiped

Monthly - clean wall tiles to toilet areas and dry polish

Monthly - wash toilet partitions

Window Cleaning

Bi-Weekly/Monthly - ground floor windows clean external and internal

Bi-Weekly/Monthly - clean window ledges both elevations ground floor

Bi-Weekly/Quarterly - internal and external window clean stairwell

Quarterly/Bi-Annual - external window clean lightwell within tenant demise 1st-5th floors

Monthly/Bi-Annual - internal window clean tenant demise 2 elevation and lightwell 1st-5th floor

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.