Entrance; Reception Areas & Lift Lobbies

Waste paper bins in reception and kitchen to be emptied and disposed off.

Carpeting, rugs and mats within reception area and front staircases to be vacuumed cleaned, including any matting in doorways, removing all signs of dust and dirt.

All balustrades and are to be dusted and handrails polished

Any vinyl or leather unpolished furniture is additionally to be wiped with a clean, slightly damp cloth and polished dry and smear free

The reception furniture is to be dusted and polished

Wipe clean all light switches, door finger plates, kick plates, skirting boards and general door furniture and carefully wipe clean fire extinguishers

In lift lobbies, lift call internal panels are to be cleaned removing all finger marks

Entrance glass doors to be cleaned.

Reception floor to be swept and mop using manufacturers guidelines - to be supplied by KF

Staircase & Landings: Front Main Staircase 6th Floor to Ground Floor

Vacuum clean carpeted stairs and wash clean any non-slip nosing's

Wipe clean balustrades

Wipe clean and polish hand rails

Dust all window sills & ledges

Dust all skirting boards - 6th - Ground Floor

Mirrors, glazed screens, glazed doors (including door vision panels) etc. Are to be cleaned using a damp chamois leather and polished with a dry cloth

Toilet - Basement Plant Room

The inside and outside of WC pans are to be washed, cleaned and disinfected, the outside is to be polished with a dry cloth, and they shall be left clean and hygienic condition free from smears.

The inside and outside of urinals are to be washed, cleaned and disinfected, the outside is to be polished with a dry cloth, and they shall be left clean and hygienic condition free from smears

Wipe clean all pipes, taps, cistern handles, light switches, door finger plates and general door furniture, polish bright metal fittings.

Mirrors, wash basin and tiled Splashbacks to be washed, cleaned and disinfected and left in a clean and hygienic condition free from smears

Ensure that there are adequate supplies of toilet rolls, and paper towels / Hand wash

Sweep and mop floor throughout toilet areas

Kitchen Within Reception Area

Clean Kitchen services and sink

Clean all carpets to manufacturers recommendations, vacuum, dusting, spray, polish of all work surfaces

Empty all waste bins into the designated waste bins

Clean fridge / clean microwave

Empty waste bin

Reception Area

Clean, dust, polish reception desk and all equipment. Empty waste bin

Hoover reception floor, dust skirting and clean nosings

Sweep and mop floor and skirting.

Clean internal and external reception entrance glass

Clean reception table and chairs

Second Fire Escape Staircase and Landings: 6th Floor - Basement 3

Sweep clean stairs and wash clean any non-slip nosings.

Wipe clean and polish handrails

Dust all skirting boards

Dust all window sills and ledges

Mop landings and staircase


Check for and remove rubbish form car park


Sweep clean perimeter walkways and dispose of all litter collected


Thoroughly dust, wash and clean only, all fire escape and other doors around the ground floor external perimeter.

Car park clean, include removal of rubbish, sweep clean


Jet wash car park area including entrance


Internal windows to main stair landing 6th-1st floor

Internal windows to secondary staircase 6th floor - ground floor

External windows accessible via 2nd floor terrace


Thoroughly dust, wash and clean

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.