Entrance Lobby / Reception
Entrance Steps

Daily - Sweep & Wash

Glass doors / frames (inside & out)

Daily - Remove finger marks, stains, polish and damp wipe.

Stone / Terrazzo Steps

Daily - Sweep, wash with detergent

Entrance mats / tread mats

Daily - vacuum

Tread mats

Monthly - lift, wash & wipe dry


Weekly - dust or damp wipe

Reception desk / glass surrounds

Daily - dust and polish

Ledges, tenants name board

Daily - dust

Fittings, plant surrounds

Daily - dust

Fire alarm bells

Weekly - dust

Waste bins

Daily - empty, clean

Hard flooring

Daily - Clean and maintain as necessary

Skirtings, ledges, name boards, planters

Daily - damp wipe

Staircases & Landings
Carpet areas

Daily - vacuum

Hard floors

Daily - Sweep & maintain as necessary

Ledges, sills

Under 6" Daily - dust and polish or wash

Stair nosings

Daily - wash & dry

Hand rails / balustrades

Daily - dust, polish


Daily - dust or damp wipe

Tenants Name Board

Daily - Clean polish

Fire Hydrants/Extinguishers

Daily - Dust

Air Vents, Landings

Daily - Dust or damp wipe


Daily - Dust or damp wipe

Passenger Lifts

Daily - Vacuum

Door Runners

Weekly - Vacuum & brush

Lift Indicator Panel

Daily - Remove finger marks & dust

Lift hand rail

Daily - Remove finger marks & dust

Lift walls

Weekly - spot clean

Lift Mirrors (inside)

Daily - Dust

Lift doors (inside & out)

Daily - polish / stainless steel

Toilet Bowls

Daily - Clean & Disinfect inside/out

Doors & partitions

Daily - Clean both sides, remove finger marks


Daily - Sweep, wash with detergent

Quarterly - Machine scrub


Daily - Clean & polish


Daily - Clean & sanitize

Weekly - Descale

Tiles / Splashbacks

Daily - Clean wash

Wash basins / sinks

Daily - clean & disinfect

Towel cabinets

Daily - dust or damp wipe

Hand driers

Daily - Dust or damp wipe

Waste bins

Daily - Empty / damp wipe

Shelves and ledges

Daily - dust or damp wipe

Toilet seats

Daily - Clean & sanitise both sides and dry wipe

Air Vents

Daily - Dust


Daily - Spot clean


Daily - Damp clean all tables, ledges and chairs


Daily - Sweep and wash clean all hard flooring

Ledges / Skirtings

Daily - Damp clean / dust all ledges etc To hand height


Daily - Empty all bins, damp clean interior and exterior and feline with suitable liners


Daily - Clean sink and surface

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