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A. Body Position

  • 1. Head is directly over shoulders

  • 2. Shoulders are relaxed

  • 3. Elbows are at 90o angle resting comfortably at side

  • 4. Wrists are straight, floating over wrist rest

  • 5. Knees are at 90o angle or greater

  • 6. Feet flat on floor or supported by footrest

B. Workstation

  • 1. Work surface area is adequate for computer and materials

  • 2. Keyboard and mouse are directly in front of the operator

  • 3. Keyboard and mouse are at comfortable height

  • 4. Monitor is placed armÍs length away from and directly in front of operator

  • 5. Top of monitor screen is slightly below eye level

  • 6. Chair has adjustable height and seat back

  • 7. Seat back is adjusted to support lumbar region of back

  • 8. Document holders are used to position documents close to monitors

C. Glare Reduction

  • 1. Screen contrast and brightness are adjusted

  • 2. Screen is positioned away from or at right angles to windows

  • 3. Screen is tilted down slightly to reduce glare from overhead lighting

  • 4. Lamps and other lighting are positioned to minimize glare

  • 5. Window coverings are adjusted to reduce glare from outside light

  • Summary of Findings

  • Please sign upon audit completion

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