⛽️Forecourt Experience - Concierge available on arrival and serving customers? (10-5)

⛽️Forecourt Experience - how does forecourt area look?

As you enter the shop how does it look and feel?

Observe some customer transactions. How would you rate the service?



Exits from store are unobstructed

⛽️Safety signs and stickers visible from all pumps and vent pipes. Must be unfaded and undamaged

All internal and external security doors accessible to the public are closed and locked

Fire extinguishers available, full and have been serviced in the past six months. Should be two by door and one behind counter

Till limits - Cash in each drawer less than $200

Review the visitor sign in log. Contractors/suppliers/visitors signed in and counter signed by staff? Work Clearance Form completed where required

First aid kit is available. Check site has an accident register and First Aid focal point is known

🚪Monthly HSSE checklist has been completed, signed and archived

🚪Site has all correct Z SRA equipment

⛽️Ensure interceptor can be activated with ease

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Indigo book correctly completed on a daily basis

For self serve fresh milk coffee machines, check a machine cleaning and milk checking process is in place (separate sheet attached to back of indigo book). NA for Z Espress site

All temperature checks completed, recorded in indigo book and signed off. Check core temperatures, delivery temperatures and equipment temperatures

All indigo book incidents have been recorded and corrective action has been taken and recorded

🚪Material safety data sheets (MSDS) are on site and up to date, including for cleaning products

🚪Wet stock reconciliation is completed daily

🚪Check that the wet stock variance results are within tolerance. They cannot be out more than 700I over 4 days or 1000I for a day. If outside of tolerance check a LIF has been completed and a PLIP A if unresolved

🚪Ask the Site Leader to explain the process for checking for water in the tanks (must be done weekly and after heavy rain). Check the water checks are completed on the extranet and they show the mm of water, not a "yes"

🚪HSNO board is up to date and none of the licenses are expired. Check call tree is up to date

Ask the site manager to explain their process for checking fill and dip caps are present and water levels are at acceptable levels (check minimum weekly and check that dip cap seals are in place)

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⛽️Forecourt clean and free of litter and weeds

⛽️Landscaping is clean and litter free, no weeds or dead plants. Fences free of graffiti

⛽️Building exterior, windows and doors clean and graffiti free. No cones, brooms or other equipment in front of store

⛽️Night pay area and ATM clean and accessible?

Shop floors clean?

Shop walls clean?

Shop free from unapproved signage?

Light covers free from dark spots?

Confectionary and counter areas clean? All counter areas in customer view to be clutter free

All fridges and freezers clean?

Grocery and salty snack displays clean?

All promotional ends clean?

All hot food/drink machines working? NA if Z Espress site

Hot food/drink area, equipment and consumables clean, litter free? NA if Z Espress site

🚪Is the storeroom clean and tidy?

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Is the latest promotional planner being complied with?

Are all promotional areas well stocked?

Is the shop setup according to the latest planogram? Choose one

Prices clearly marked on all products (no more than 3 incorrect labels)

Lesser than or equal to 10 shop products out of stock (non supplier related issue)

Fridges, freezers and deli well stocked?

Grocery and salty snacks displays well stocked?

Confectionary and counter areas well stocked?

All stock within its best by date?

Satisfactory range of options available in the food bar? NA for Z Espress site

Was the food bar well stocked? NA for Z Espress site

⛽️Is the forecourt merchandising stock clean and well stocked?

⛽️Is the forecourt merchandising undamaged and priced correctly?

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Customer & Staff

Customer & Staff

Ask a staff member to explain how they would deal with an emergency, eg: armed robbery, fire, spill etc. Their answer should reflect their online training

⛽️Are all pumps, nozzles, hoses undamaged? Splash guards in place

⛽️Squeegee, Zoap, clean water in bucket, watering can, paper towels, bin available on all islands

Toilets clean, well stocked, odour free and functioning properly. Also check baby changing table if applicable

Has the site been conducting daily RFC's?

Ask a site member to explain how customer complaints are handled. They should mention incident reports, reporting to the site leader if necessary and perhaps going up the call tree to ensure it gets closed out

Ask a customer to rate their Z experience out of five.


⛽️Are all pumps functioning, clean and dust free?

Do site staff know what the site targets are and how what actions they can take to improve the business results?

Site targets are realistic and measurable?

Are all site staff wearing correct uniforms according to their roles? Concierge in correct vest? Black shoes?

Do the site staff know what the forecourt promise is? What do they do if a customer feels it hasn't been met

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All interior and exterior walls and windows are clean

Entry and exit signage and instruction board is clean and damage free

Floor free of mould, slime and debris

Entry and exit and interior free of litter

Carwash machine housing clean and free of grime

Ask a cashier to talk through a carwash sale process. Check for a safety briefing or providing a safety card

Check site has plenty of carwash loyalty cards and is giving them out

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Z Food & Coffee

Z Food and Coffee

Think of a scenario or question a customer might ask our staff. Have the staff member explain what they would do? If unknown, they should refer to Food & Coffee Zone manual

Is the pie warmer well stocked and visually appealing?

Is the cupcake cabinet well stocked and visually appealing?

Is the sandwich cabinet well stocked and visually appealing?

Cabinet glass and stainless steel sides and tops clean, dust free and streak free

Front counter is clean and clutter free

Front counter is fully stocked with paper bags, serviettes, tongs, sugar sticks and stirrers

Tongs available and clean including the wells they are in

Rubbish bins are not overflowing and tops are clean.

Food and coffee staff compliant with uniform standards (apron, hair tied back, fingernails clean)

Observe a coffee being made for you. Is the process correct and does it taste good?

The water basin in the pie warmer is sufficiently full and clean

Expiry time or date labels are not touching the food

All the hot range is within it's sell by timeframe

Does the sweet range have expiry dates recorded and is within this date

Jugs, spoons, shot bottles, marshmallow and hot chocolate containers are clean

None of the hot chocolate, decaf coffee, marshmallows and shots are out of stock

Do the shakers and containers for cinnamon, chocolate, decaf coffee and marshmallows all have expiry dates clearly marked

Equal sugar or equivalent and raw sugar are available on request

Coffee loyalty cards, stamp and QR codes available

Under the counter is fully stocked with cupcake trays, coffee holders and coffee lids and cups

Is the coffee machine clean? Check top and under machine

Sink next to the coffee machine is clean?

Coffee bags are being correctly sealed when stored (rolled tight and clipped closed)

Coffee hopper is not over full

Coffee lids are kept on the top of the coffee machine

🚪Sink where trays etc. are cleaned is clean and hygienic

🚪Prep and kitchen area is clean and clutter free

Is the prep area clean?

Ensure that items in the prep area are food only (no chemicals, cleaning equipment or products, personal items, staff food in fridges)

Oven and sweet thawing containers are clean. Some pastry crumbs are expected in oven but not excessive build up. Check seal and lip of oven

There is a clear system in place to ensure a first in first out basis for all food

Fridges and freezers in the front and back of the food zone are clean inside and out

Floors in the front and back of house are clean

Prep area and sink are fully stocked with foaming soap, nail brush, sanitizer and paper towels

No out of date stock is kept in cabinets or fridges, ie: for staff consumption later

Indigo book is being completed correctly daily. This includes corrective actions where non compliance noted, coffee quality checks, chiller temperature checks. Pie rotation book (yellow book) being completed correctly

Pie charts, heating instructions and other quick reference cards are shown and are the latest version

Appropriate signage is being used. 'Caution Hot' and 'Hand Washing Only'

Ensure all tiled and wooden walls in the back and front of counter are clean

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Managers acknowledgement of completion
Auditors signature of completion