Program Advisory Committee meeting minutes for degree program

Was the approved PAC meeting minute template used?

Were at least 3 members in attendance that represent the employment community and/or practitioners from the program area?

Was there at least 1 individual qualified to review and comment on the program's applied general education or general education component?

Was a description of all members in attendance including titles, affiliations, date, time, and location included in the meeting miuntes?

Was a comprehensive and clear description of the review of and commentary made by school representatives and PAC members included in the meeting minutes?

Was the established curriculum of the program reviewed at least once annually by the PAC members?

Did the PAC meeting minutes include comments as to the appropriateness and adequacy of the program objectives, program length, curriculum content, learning resources, and adequacy of facilities and equipment?

Did the PAC members review and comment at least once annually the student graduation, graduate employment, and where required the state licensing examination outcomes of the program?

Did the school provide evidence that it gives consideration to the PAC input?
Evidence can take place in many forms, one such being the disclosure of the school's consideration recorded in the PAC meeting minutes, whereby a school describes whether recommendations were implemented or not and explains the school's decision.

Is there evidence of continued consideration of PAC input?

General comments

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