Technical Audit

Details of Job(s) to be audited

Audit to include:

: Measure of Technical performance
: Compliance Against Standards
: Competence in relevant tasks
: Further training requirements

Type of work to be audited?



Job Number

Description of works being audited.

Legislative Compliance, Health and Safety and Environmental Audit

Does Engineer have all required PPE and understand how to use the equipment?

Has all electrical portable appliances in use by Engineer been tested as required?

Are all ladders and steps in good working on order and showing the appropriate tagging system?

Is the Engineer being audited aware of how to report hazards on site?

Are Risk Assessments/Method Statements available and have they been read and understood?

Where required, has a manual handling assessment been carried it?

Has waste management on site been dealt with appropriately?

Has work area been kept and left tidy?

Has waste been disposed of properly?

Please provide further relevant information below.

Technical Checklist

Did the engineer check that the installation was completed in strict accordance with the agreed spec/amendments and is an acceptable standard of workmanship?

Did the engineer check to ensure that the installation complied with the applicable Code of Practice for CCTV and BS EN 50132-7 and all other relevant requirements have been met.

Did the engineer check all wiring is correctly terminated and all mains connections have been checked for continuity and earthing compliance with current IEE regulations?

Is there a fully completed record of operational checks? Review the record.

Has the engineer checked supply voltage is correct to all appropriate parts of system.

Has the engineer checked the operation of all monitoring, switching, multiplexing and recording equipment is satisfactory?

Has the engineer checked alarm interfaces are working correctly (movement detectors, fence alarms etc)?

Have all appropriate notices been provided?

Has the engineer checked that all indicator lamps are working correctly?

Has the engineer checked that the system continues to operate correctly when mains power is disconnected (if standby power supply is specified)?

Has the engineer checked for correct alignment of beam interruption detectors for triggering the CCTV system?

Has the engineer checked that camera type and lens type is correct for each position?

Has the engineer checked the correct operation of all monitoring of all automatic and/or remotely controlled camera functions such as PTZ focus, iris, wiper, lamps?

Have correct Pan and Tilt limits been checked?

Was a check carried out to verify that camera movement and field(s) of view seen through the appropriate monitor(s) is correct and free from obstruction?

Did the engineer check the operation of electronic irises and focus satisfactory under the range of indicated light levels?

Has the engineer checked satisfactory operation of supplementary lighting?

Has the engineer ensured that warning labels are in place in respect of possible sudden movement of camera positioning equipment?

Non Conformance/Observations or Opportunity for Improvement

Has the Engineer Audit been carried out without identifying any Non Conformances? Please provide details below of any.

Has the audit been carried out without identifying any Business process or procedure Non Conformance? Please provide details below of any.

Has the audit been carried out without identifying any other issues? Please provide details below of any.

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