Title Page

  • Name of the Section

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location & Face

Points To Check

Supporting Checklist

  • Gas Monitoring Done

  • What is the composition of gases ?

  • Adequate Ventilation

  • Water Spraying Done

  • Proper Loose Dressing up to how many meters ?

  • Mucking after scaling

  • Is Resin Capsules in good condition?

  • What is the date of Expiry ?

Face Drilling Checklist

  • Loose Dressing by jumbos

  • Manual Loose Dressing

  • Up to How many Meters ?

  • Supporting as per SSR

  • Misfire Handling

  • How you handled the misfire ?

  • Socket Cleaning and plugging

  • Proper Face Marking

Prior to Charging

  • Face is supported up to 0.6m (Roof)

  • Face is supported up to 0.6m (Sidewall)

  • Manual Loose Dressing done at face

  • Lifting Equipment for scaling @ 3.5m

  • Which Equipment is available?

  • Check Scaling done before charging

  • Length to hole checked and cleaned

  • What is the length of the hole ?

  • Loading stick used of 4m length

  • Line hole drilling done

During Charging

  • Lifting equipment used for charging

  • Which Equipment is used?

  • Line Holes Left Uncharged

  • Minimum length of stemming ?

  • Correct Delay sequence as per plan


  • Face drilling should always starts from bottom to top

  • In case of misfire and blown out development, supervisors need to assess the hazard as per SOP.

  • Charging should always happen from top to bottom

Any Remarks

  • undefined

Availability of Loose Scaling Bar

  • How many Loose bars available at site (No. & Length)

Face Profile Scenarios

  • What is the profile of the face

  • Share the Picture

  • General Face checked for loose


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Foreman Name

  • undefined

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