General examination to ensure:

  • The equipment is properly located?

  • The equipment is undamaged?

  • The equipment is unobstructed?

  • The equipment is ready for immediate use?

Check contents as per list:

  • 2 Sigma CABA sets

  • 4 Spare BA cylinders

  • 2 Safety belts and lifeline

  • 3 Complete firemen outfits

  • 3 pairs rubber safety boots

  • 3 pairs leather gloves

  • 3 fire and helmets

  • 3 fire mans helmets

  • 3 torches

  • 3 fire mans axes

  • 3 flash hoods

  • 1 water fog applicator

  • 1 set of fire plans

  • 1 BA control board

  • 1 BA controllers tabard

  • 1 chinagraph pencil

  • 1 Medi Wipes container

  • 1 Radio and Charger


  • Are all CABA sets ready for immediate use?

  • Are harness straps extended to their maximum position?

  • Are sets inspected and found to be I damaged and in good order?

  • Are cylinders attached to CABA sets check to be of 270 bar or over?

  • Are face masks clean and bagged for hygiene?

BA Cylinders

  • Are cylinders in good condition with no visual damage?

  • Are all cylinders charged to 270 bar or more?

  • Are cylinders stowed with red caps?

Torches and Batteries

  • Are all batteries in date?

  • Are torches fully functional?

Safety Helmets

  • As per Fleet Regulation 10.1.098 helmets provided as part of a fire fighting outfit do not need to be replaced at 5 yearly intervals provided that the condition is regularly checked.

  • There are no visible signs of damage?

  • Helmet does not crack when squeezed at the sides between 25-30mm?

  • Officer

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