What is your first impression as you enter this area of the club?

Is the layout, initial presentation and feel both welcoming and representative of our brand?

Is this area Convenient for the member? Are the time critical things fully functional?

All paper towel dispensers are adequately stocked

All equipment is functioning and convenient for member use

All relevant kit has attachments and carabineers in place or closely available

Is this area safe and in a good state of repair?

All equipment is in a good state of repair, with no cracks or rips

All cardio theatre units are working and match the TV display channels. Test a minimum of 3

All Plasma TV's are working order with clear picture and on the correct channel for the time of day

All CV equipment screens are fully functioning

Lighting - internal and external exits, corridors and lobby lighting is functioning but only switched on where natural light is inadequate or if other areas may be negatively affected.

Temperature & Ventilation - the area is the correct temperature and humidity is maintained at a comfortable level (as a guide 20° C). Air con should be switched off in isolated areas that are not being used e.g. offices.

Floors have no visible cracks or damage

Walls & Surfaces are suitable for the intended purpose and free from ingrained staining or wear.

Ceilings should be in good conditions with no cracks on tiles or roof area, any roof fittings are not
damaged e.g. sprinkler systems, fire alarm, lights

Doors should be able to open and close fully and have no damage to materials or fixtures

Windows, glass and mirrors are in a good state of repair and free from damage

Gym desk and consultation rooms – includes programme cards storage

All water fountains are in good state of repair

All equipment including mats, functional kit, boxing equipment, etc, is in a good state of repair

All equipment is bolted down as per your clubs specific risk assesment.

If any cleaning or maintenance is taking place in this area then the appropriate 'A' frame sign is being used to warn members of a wet/slippery floor, a trip hazard, hazardous substances or cleaning in
progress. Is the right equipment being used and no equipment or materials are left unattended?

Is this area clean and tidy?

All floors (including underneath CV kit) are free from dust & dirt.

Walls - no dust on walls or skirting boards

Windows, Mirrors & glass - free from fingers marks or dust and dirt

Rubbish bins are not full and overflowing.

Ceilings, lights fittings, vents and high level signage.

Gym desk and consultation rooms – includes programme cards storage

All water fountains are clean with no standing water in the drain

All pieces of equipment are clean and free from dust/sweat.

Equipment is well organised and tidy – including free weight and functional areas

How are we communicating to the members in this area?

Branding & permanent signage – All logo’s, graphics and branded features are up to date and new brand logo is presented

Non essential stickers, banners, signage and posters are limited and if used, are in line with our ‘Club Communication Guidelines’.

PT Profile boards are all full and well presented on the standardised template

Where the club has any new product initiatives the correct style of member communication should be used e.g. the new member communication stand in place in a good location for members to read .

Notice boards – are kept to a minimum and the content is branded and meets our ‘Club Communication Guidelines’.

Background Music – is the volume and content appropriate for the time of day.

VA TV is in use and is current and up to date. TV content matches the label i.e. not BBC label but showing Sky Sports!

Are our people in this area delivering ACTIVENESS?

Is there at least one Fitness Coach free on the gym floor? Day sheet is in place and showing
instruction is planned appropriately for the day. Latest edition of the 'gym equipment manual'
is printed and easily available.

Looking good – Fitness Coaches and Personal Trainers are in the correct uniform, with a name badge. (PT's adhereing to their CHARTER!)

Fitness Coach provides support and encouragement in helping members achieve their goals in a fun environment. This is done either through 1-2-1 interaction or group activities (i.e. killer abs sessions, fast classes)

Fitness Coach is able to pick out 5 members on the gym floor and say their name, how they have helped them and their exercise regime.

Fitness Coaches recognises members in need of help by watching for clues; listening thoroughly
and acting before being asked.

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.