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Rate the completion of actions from previous visit

Section 2: Sales
Rate the quality of the daily planners
Rate the quality of the target breakdowns for team members
How many team members hit target since the last visit
Are all team members aware of their targets and where they are at for the month?
Are all team members aware of their Bridal targets and where they are at for the month?

Is there a culture of driving targets?

Do the whole team know the KPIs?

Do the team know and understand the relationship between ATV and Transactions?

Is the store monitoring conversion?

Do the team know the best sellers for Bridal and Top 3 watch brands?
Section 1: People
Has each team member received a quality 121 within the last month?

Have focus team members received more than one 121 within the last month?

Have focus team members received more RTF than other team members?

Structured Daily Training Plan in place for the month ahead

Is bitesize training happening every week – list training done with BM

Training Topics in line with store KPI focus?

Question team members – rate the quality of the store’s training culture

List training tools that the store team confirm are used?

Speak to two members of team – select product from Bridal window and ask colleague to demonstrate 1. A suitable add on 2. A good, better, best selection. Rate the selection (1-10) (Give feedback in the notes)
Speak to two members of the team – select a watch from a top 3 watch brand and ask colleague to demonstrate 1. FAB and 2. An Upsell. Rate the selection (1-10) (Give feedback in the notes)
Rate quality of the coaching cards, window backboard cards, knowledge playing cards, knowledge cards, diamond videos, e-learnings being completed
Rate the culture of RTF in the store – speak to the team and ask them what their last piece of RTF feedback was?

Is there evidence of 2 per person per work plus additional for on the spot praise?

Does each member of management have a PDP in place to drive a specific area of the business?

Have all new starters received thorough induction training?

Is progress being made on individual team members training beyond induction?

Check e-learning progress – is it complete for each individual’s length of time with FH?

Have colleagues that have been signed off probation hit 80% of first 6 months target period?

Rate the quality of the store’s recruitment decisions?

Are Top Performers being recognised?

Section 3: Customer

Is there a SFL present?

Rate the quality of the SFL behaviours?
Is there a team member ready to greet customers at the window, stood on the tiles, looking busy, are they greeting people with open questions?
Rate the quality of ‘Dress for Success’ within the team
Are the team observing the selling window 11am-3pm?

Are customers being seated, offered a drink and shown a luxury experience?

Rate the CONNECT e.g. open discovery questions – who, what, where, why, when, which, how, budget, style?
Rate the CREATE e.g. GBB, perfect partners, elevated language, story-telling, emotional connections, best sellers?
Rate the COMMIT e.g. overcoming objections, trail closing, closing, SFL involvement if something has been missed?

Is the FH Top 10 in use as a self-assessment tool?

Section 4: Operations
Are the window displays in line with expectations?
Is stock replenishment being chased?
Check reserve stock – rate the accuracy

Are best sellers for Bridal and Top 3 watch brands in the right positions?
Is stock rotated smartly?

Is the store following the process audit walkthrough?

Check deposit report. In line?
List all discrepancies and loss from last 5 stock takes. Are the results acceptable?

Check 5 random EODs, have they been completed correctly?

Does the store have a SMART Business Plan and is progress being made?
Is the store providing adequate trade feedback?
Section 5 – Financial Performance (total questions 16)

Sales v LY

Sales v Target

Bridal - are focus areas improving?

54. Luxury Watches – list v LY performance on Top 6 brands

55. Top 3 Watch Brands are they improving?

56. Rolex

57. Bridal

58. Repairs

59. Assured cover v LY

60. IPS v LY

61. Discount v LY

62. ATV v LY

63. Transactions v LY

64. IFC v LY

P&L v Budget

Section 6 - Final Store Summary

Include previous reports score and current report score – has there been an improvement? Improvement % to be agreed here. (No improvement or improvement less than agreed score for 2 consecutive visits results in PIP)


All action points grouped together and Branch Manager to update SMART Business Plan

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