KPI Dashboard:

• All KPIs to be RAG coded. RAG code will determine visit frequency and populate the SMART Action plan
o Red Sites – require a visit every two weeks – with PM to complete a toolkit weekly . ADM & PM to have additional weekly 121 call
o Amber every two months minimum
o Green – every quarter
• Blueprint Review every practise– every month – SMART Template

Practise Profitability

P&L on target v budget

Staff Cost on target v budget

PSR at 1.8

Agency £ on target v budget

Overtime £ on target v budget

Sickness/Absence on target

Skill mix on team at 70% dual skilled

Dentist Hours

UDA v budget

Diary Hours increasing LFL

Diary hours match contracted hours in system

Utilisation at 96%

0 open courses without appointment

Private Revenue Growth

Revenue v Budget

£p/h higher LFL

Hygiene Utilisation at 85%

Smile Checker Conversion at 20%

0 open courses without appointment

Hygiene LFL hours higher LFL

AMD v budget

Options v budget

AOHC v budget

OHP at £10 per day

Patients First

MyComply - green on RAG report

Google Reviews at 5 stars

DNAs below 5%

Complaints resolved

Growth Opportunities

Growth Opportunities


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