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Key Account Training

  • 1. Thorough understanding of key account contracts

  • 2. Account discounts for hire and sale

  • 3. Account delivery fees vs. free delivery

  • 4. Required documentation for approval

OT Spreadsheets

  • 1. Understand importance and requirements for Google Docs

  • 2. Trial Spreadsheet

  • 3. Quotation Spreadsheet

  • 4. Demo Spreadsheet

  • 5. Required tracking, monitoring & updates


  • 1. Allocating quotations based on area/OT

  • 2. Hire quotations

  • 3. Sale quotations

  • 4. Hire & Sale quotations

  • 5. Quotation time frames and deadlines

  • 6. Amending quotations

  • 7. Tracking and updating


  • 1. Facilitated Trials vs Attended Trials

  • 2. Entering a trial in full

  • 3. Pre-setting collection

  • 4. Monitoring collection with OT

  • 5. Updating trial spreadsheet in Google docs

  • 6. Emails and Prioritising of trials

  • 7. Thorough understanding of all time frames and deadlines to monitor and adhere to

PO Processing

  • 1. Understanding of which accounts require PO's, which require written approval only, and which require a claim number and written approval

  • 2. Ability to process and understand PO's for Local Health Districts

  • 3. Ability to process key account orders (dependant on state, e.g. MASS for QLD, Transcare for SA, Worksafe for VIC)

OT Assessment Invoices

  • 1. Correctly enter and forward invoice for accounts customer

  • 2. Correctly enter and forward invoice for private customer

  • 3. Understand when to confirm and when to leave open and chase payment

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Checklist

  • 1. Understand each step in the checklist and how the checklist applies to them

  • 2. Understand and complete their responsibilities promptly and efficiently when required


  • 1. Understand scope of conversion types

  • 2. Conversion with complete off-hire

  • 3. Conversion with partial off-hire

  • 4. Conversion with new stock and postponed off-hire/collection

  • 5. Conversion to Account

  • 6. Conversion to Private Client

  • 7. Enter correct conversion dates and adequately reference


  • 1. Successfully complete Worksafe (VIC)

  • 2. Successfully complete MASS monthly (QLD)

  • 3. Successfully complete Transcare monthly report (SA)


  • 1. Understand the difference between correctly updated confirmation paperwork, or those to chase

  • 2. Use high attention to detail when completing updates and notes to confirmation paperwork

  • 3. Following through with updates to contracts and spreadsheets

  • 4. Understand effects on other teams and OTC future work for incorrectly entered information

  • 5. Complete scanning and attachment of documents for each confirmation

CONFIRMATION: I have understood and demonstrated all of the items listed above. I accept that by signing below that I am confirming my competency in all items above.

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