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Front-of-House Cleaning Checklist

  • Wipe down the walls if necessary

  • Sanitize the tables

  • Inspect and wipe down the condiments and salt and pepper shakers

  • Wipe down all the counters

  • Clean the seats and benches

  • Take out the trash and recycling

  • Clean the interior and exterior of all the rubbish and recycling bins

  • Sweep and mop the floors

Back-of-House Cleaning Checklist

  • Wipe down the walls wherever there are splashes

  • Clean all cooking equipment as required at conclusion of food service.

  • Change the foil lining on top of the grills and flattops

  • Wipe down other equipment, such as coffee makers, microwaves, toasters, and meat slicers

  • Disinfect prep area surfaces

  • Clean the sinks

  • Refill soap dispensers and replace empty paper towel rolls

  • Take out the trash and recycling

  • Disinfect the waste disposal area and clean the trash cans

  • Sweep and mop the floors

  • Sweep walk-in coolrooms and storage areas (weekly)


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