This type of ladder is self supporting, non-adjustable in length and has flat steps on a hinged back:

This type of ladder is permanently attached to a structure, building, or equipment:

This type of ladder is non-self supporting and is adjustable in length:

This type of ladder is non-self supporting and is a fixed length:

When must ladders be inspected:
Rungs of ladders must be:
Damaged or defective ladders shall be:

Wooden parts shall not be:

Which is an example of good ladder maintenance?

Which is a safe ladder practice?

Ladders shall be placed:
Extension and single ladders shall be positioned:
Ladders can be used:
When climbing, descending, or working from a ladder:

Portables ladders must be kept at least how far from power lines:

Maximum height of a step ladder is:

What weight applies to the ladder’s weight limit?

Cages or a climbing fall restraint system is required on fixed ladders that are at least:

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