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  • 1. Staff wearing hair net

  • 2. Appropriate fingernail length. (1/4")

  • 3. Hand hygiene is being performed correctly.

Work stations

  • 1. Clean and free of clutter

  • 2. Trash is not overflowing

  • 3. Floors are swept and clean.

  • 4. All horizontal surfaces are clean

  • 5. No stained ceiling tiles.


  • 1. PPE supplies are available.

  • 2. Linen handled according to specific isolation situation.

  • 3. Appropriate PPE being used by staff.

Soiled Sort Area

  • 1. Soil Sort Employees are trained in the BBP regulations

  • 2. Routine disinfection and cleaning performed in this area

  • 3. Soiled area separated from clean area.

  • 4. If low temp washed, chemicals designed for low temps

  • 5. Specific hand hygiene sink available with eye wash station.

  • 6. Universal precaution sign present at entrance

  • 7. Staff wearing gown and gloves when sorting soiled linens

  • 8. Soiled area door is closed at all times.

Finish Area (Drying, Ironing, Folding)

  • 1. There is no lint build-up on equipment, floors and ceilings

  • 2. Area is clean and free of clutter

  • 3. All horizontal surfaces are clean

  • 4. Soiled and clean carts are not coming into contact with each other

  • 5. Freshly washed linens are brought from the washer side in clean tubs .

  • 6. Drying times are followed per policy guideline.

  • 7. Dryers are cleaned of lint, wet linens covered with plastic, floors swept, and tables cleaned at the end of the day.

Staging and Storage Area

  • 1. Carts are clean

  • 2. Clean linens ready for transport are covered

  • 3. Linens are not stored for more than 72 hours.

  • 4. There is documentation of cleaning schedule for transport carts.


  • 1. Fire extinguishers not obstructed from easy access

  • 2. No electrical panels are blocked

  • 3. Countertop/doors are in good condition with no chipping to laminate

  • 4. No supplies stored under sinks

  • 5. Paper is not present on fire-rated doors

  • 6. Maintains the integrity of egress throughout the department

  • 7. There is at least 18" of open space maintained below a sprinkler deflector to the top of storage

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