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  • Is the job book present at the press and the documents the current revision level? ( verify revision date of current documents and engineering change level to the print)

  • Does the part # on label match with Control Plan?

  • Do the quality of parts running at the press match with the quality of the first piece? First piece and last piece present? (Compare sample part from the press with the first piece)

  • Is the daily inspection log completed properly? (Verify all sections - man, material, machine, method, product of the daily inspection log)

  • Does the inspection criteria and frequency of inspection checks match the control plan? (Verify control plan inspection criteria)

  • Is the reaction plan appropriate for the inspection findings? (Verify daily inspection log and reaction plan for any non conformance)

  • Does the inspector know the current quality alert (if applicable) and is there any quality alert posted that have expired? Question should be asked to Quality Inspector about current quality alert and verify signature of the inspector on the quality alert. Verify if the quality alert expired.

  • Is the inspection status showing on the container? (Look for inspection status on the container like inspector stamps with initials, GP-12 stickers, certification stickers, ect if applicable)

  • Does the checking fixture exist and is it listed on the control plan? Is it calibrated? Are calibration results verified before and after calibration? If ran out of calibration condition before or after condition are proper actions taken?

  • Is the receiving inspection performed as per "Receiving Inspection Status"? (Need to have inspection results for "red" and "yellow" status.

  • Are critical characteristics of received materials being monitored?

  • Are all non-conformances identified, segregated and dispositioned appropriately? (NC products should be tagged with "hold" label and segregated from production area and a NCMR must be generated for the product. The hold area must be clean and organized)

  • Is the PPAP approved for the job that is running? (Verify the PPAP status on the master job list and part submission warrant)

  • Does the engineering change level and date match the approved PPAP? (Verify eng change level on the assembly drawings and component drawings)

  • Are the product audits being completed as per the schedule and reported to the Quality Manager immediately for any failure of inspection?

  • Have all Level 2 Audits been performed from the previous week and all issues closed?

  • Is the QPR log updated for all the concerns and verify implementation of the corrective action? And appropriate documents Control Plan, PFMEA, operator instruction, BOM, cell layout, error proofing matrix, process setup sheet, ect updated as per the corrective actions if applicable. <br><br>Is read across matrix updated for all the concerns?

  • Is the master job list updated for all the current ECNs and new tool #s and all appropriate documents updated?

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