• SWMS Title/Number:

  • Conducted on


  • Client site: Barwon Water - Black Rock WRP 400 Black Road Connewarre

  • Agfab project No: 22884

  • Name of persons supervising works activity:

  • Select date

SWMS Content - Does the SWMS contain the following ?

  • Principal Contractor/Subcontractor Name :

  • Task specific information ( not generic)

  • Task Sequence appropriate to the activity:

  • Activity Hazards relevant to the Sequence of activities:

  • Activity controls relevant to Hazards identified:

Personnel sign off

  • Are all personnel involved in the activity signed onto the SWMS:

  • Do the employees have a depth of knowledge of the SWMS to be able to discuss the content demonstrating the required level of understanding:

Pre start activities

  • Are Start Cards completed for activity prior to the beginning of the day ( minimum number to be determined on site site relevant to the complexity of activity)

  • Is there evidence of pre start meetings where relevant Sequences of the SWMS have been discussed in order to safely commence the days activities:

SWMS Field Compliance

  • Is the SWMS Sequence being followed:

  • Are Controls being fully implemented:

  • Does the SWMS effectively address the SEQ Hazards on site:

SWMS Review

  • Is there evidence that the contractor undertakes regular reviews of the SWMS to ensure they represent the tasks/ hazards/controls on site at that time:

  • Is there evidence that the SWMS have been reviewed and updated if required in the past week:

Inspection completion

  • At the time this inspection was completed the SWMS documentation and controls implemented complied with the Regulatory and Contractual minimum requirements:

  • Name of the person completing the checklist:

  • Signature of the person completing the checklist:

  • Name of the Workplace Manager:

  • Signature of the Workplace Manager:

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