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Safe Check

  • Does the Safe Balance?

  • Are all banking bags accounted for and have all unmatched bankings or credits since the last detail pack been verified and correct?

PCI Security

  • (Question a team member on duty, or Manager if no team member). Can they talk through the steps of what they would do if credit card data security was breached? Could they show you where the escalation chart is?

  • If hotel has not completed 'Best for business' Check a sample of faxes to ensure CVV2 numbers are masked and cannot be seen if a marker pen was used. Are they compliant on all faxes checked? If hotel has moved onto Best for Business, check all faxes have been destroyed securely.

  • Review the Audit Finance Summary on the back office to ensure that all of the entries are up to today's date.


  • No obstructions in any external or internal fire escape routes. External routes to be clear of leaves/ moss/ algae. Planting cut back. Footpath and steps in good condition.

Health and Safety

  • Electrical items seen during visit in good working order?

  • Check water temp records, do they fall outside of critical limits? If so has a job been logged and chased if over 7 days?

Food Safety

  • Pest control log to be checked to ensure housekeeping issues are being picked up & addressed by managers.

  • Raw food stored below cooked, defrosting food in fridge stored & covered correctly?

  • Pest control log to be checked to ensure housekeeping issues are being picked up & addressed by managers.

  • Hand wash basins in kitchen & bar must have supply of antibacterial soap and disposable paper towel. Hot and cold water available at hand wash basin, plug for sink present if mixer taps are not in place.

  • All fridges & freezers running at temperatures within acceptable range.

  • All chilled food to be in date. Day dots used correctly.


  • Fire alarm tested consistently every 7 days. List of call points available. Tests recorded accurately. Issues logged & followed up. All call points tested in rotation over 13 weeks.

  • All doors & equipment linked to the fire alarm listed & tested consistently during the weekly fire alarm test. Tests recorded & issues documented / logged & followed up.

  • All emergency lights in hotel tested every 4 weeks & test documented. Test carried out even if a service engineer attends the hotel.

  • All team members including cleaners to have received evacuation drill training every 6 months (June, December).

  • All Travelodge staff to be trained every three months (March, June, September, December).

Health and Safety

  • Last three months H&S Training and Security Training topics completed by all staff on rota.

  • 2014 Audit Report available,actions completed & signed off. No repeat issues found during visit.


  • Where applicable, hotels with sewage pumping stations or equipment are completing monthly checks.

  • During walk around, check that all windows restricted to 100mm clear opening, including linen rooms & public areas .

  • All entrance doors can be locked to secure building.

Food Safety

  • Check staff training and ensure that all food handlers have completed Bar Cafe training within 1 month of starting.

  • Travelodge approved sanitiser in use in kitchen. Staff on duty aware of contact time.

  • Complete walk around the hotel, are food storage and preparation areas, kitchen, bar and cellar all clean?


  • Correct version of fire risk assessment checklist completed accurately in last 6 months.


  • Contractor key log in use and all keys issued to contractors signed out & back in when returned.

  • Shared site details up to date (where applicable), Reception responsibilities section correct for the hotel, surplus pages removed.

  • All general risk assessments reviewed by HM in last 12 months following the questions in the working safe action log. Risk assessments reviewed within one month if change of manager. Risk assessments reviewed after accidents.


  • Found property store in secure area, valuable items kept in safe. Random items may be checked.

Key Security

  • Hotels with hard bedroom keys completing daily key audit at 12:00 & acting on missing keys. No large gaps in the daily checks and action being taken when keys are missing.

  • Hotels with Vingcard have a set of failsafe keys re-cut in last 2 years where applicable. Hotels with other electronic lock systems have training in action to take in the event of a power outage.

  • Only required keys are being carried on duty manager/staff person. Where possible, all surplus keys locked in key cabinet/drawer. No keys found loose on trolleys, in reception or left in doors (including HK keys left in bedrooms to activate lights).

Food Safety

  • All products being temperature checked not just breakfast items. Instructions laminated & displayed.

  • Corrective actions recorded for any incorrect temperatures on record sheets.

  • HM to have completed Travelodge Food Safety for Managers course within 3 months of starting or currently on waiting list.


  • Check a random 10% of employee files which should include all new starters. Ensure all employees have a signed contract of employment.

  • Check a random 10% of employee files which should include all new starters since last BCV. Ensure all team members have the correct right to work documentation as detailed in the current guidelines on tic tac.

  • Check last weeks timesheet records match the hours entered onto the people system for all employees. Provide guidance and coach the manager on best practice working arrangements if employees are working in excess of 48 hours (particularly greater than 4 weeks rolling).


  • Check that a personal licence and premises licence are displayed near the bar and relevant to a manager who usually works at that hotel. Check site specific conditions detailed in the premises license are known to the manager and being adhered to.

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