pre - start Health & Safety Assessment

Is the Plan of work including the risk assessment (RA) on site

Scope of work reviewed?

Has the Plan of work (POW) been thoroughly planed by the PM?

Is the scope of work fit for purpose?

Before start, all limitations accepted and understood, does the surveyor fully understand what they are doing?

Risk assessment completed and signed on arrival?

Is the POW being used over several days / several sites; if so, relevance of RA and limitations

Are all significant risks identified with suitable controls detailed within HSP 01?

Are there any high risk activities? i. e. Work @ height, work in confined spaces. If so are they properly planned and are they being conducted in accordance with method statement?

Has the on site analyst / Surveyor completed all necessary pre - start inspections of equipment and all labelled correctly?

Ladder No:

Photograph of ladder / Ladders if required

Ladder date:

Mask number:

Photograph of mask / Masks if required

Mask paperwork Checked

Tool box checked

Photograph of tools / tool box if required

Does the analyst / Surveyor have all necessary PPE / RPE and is it being used correctly?

Are safe access/egress routes available and are they free from trip and fall hazards?

If not; is the on site analyst / Surveyor reliant on other contractors for safe access? If so, is this safe and sufficient for the task?

Is the on site analyst / Surveyor wearing all company issued uniform?

General knowledge about asbestos, asbestos types, health effects, control limits, RPE and mask APF reviewed?

Lead surveyor assessment


Type of building assessed during survey

Extent % covered

Pre-start checks complete

Client/Occupier shown ID card during surveyor introduction? (where applicable)

Plan of Works available on site, reviewed?

Site plans (provided/drawn) if drawn is it an accurate reflection of the site?

Correct forms used with all areas included on sketch diagram?

Site walk through been undertaken?

Has the surveyor explained what is required with Client/Occupier so that they understand the extent of Survey?(subject to conditions as detailed in POW)

Surveyor aware of the importance of a systematic survey approach and text consistency?

Are general observations being recorded

Use of PDA start up, shut down, Data back up all correct?

All fields being completed in order? (Auditor to check Data in PDA)

Survey guidance / current legislation - HSG 264?

Does surveyor have copy available on site along with company in house procedures QSOP 2 (UKAS Manual)?

Aware to report any areas of suspected high risk (>10 score) to project managers and lines of communication? (Surveyor estimated score based predicted scores)

Are areas of No access or limited access being recorded correctly and justified?

Has the surveyor been able to demonstrate knowledge of typical ACMs which might be encountered in this property type / survey type?

During this assessment has surveyor been able to demonstrate through practical assessment or verbal discussions knowledge of other property types and areas of further investigation within other survey types?.

Is there a reasonable negative sampling strategy being adopted for non asbestos replacement products?

Re-Survey assessment

Type of survey originally completed

Proportion % of areas re surveyed in relation to total site

Is/Was original surveyor qualified and approved to complete the type of survey undertaken?

Is resurvey being completed on same day of original survey?

Was the correct type of survey undertaken? (in relation to client’s requirements / instructions).

Has the site layout been sketched correctly showing all locations, all sample points and area ID marked on plans including Project No?

Were all reasonably accessible asbestos products sampled during this survey and a sufficient sampling strategy adopted?

Are the recommendations in the report appropriate to the asbestos product’s condition?

Were the sample location points clearly labelled? (subject to the client’s instructions).

Were areas of no access justified?

Have any areas been limited on inspection requiring a further visit?

Were all ACM products sampled with acceptable sampling strategies?

Was a reasonable negative sampling strategy adopted on site?

During the assessment are there any additional ACM or suspect products identified?

Are site notes/ Dictaphone notes accurate, and show that the survey was carried out in systematic manner?

Do they contain extrapolations, areas of no access?

Based on the findings of this assessment has the site work been completed to a suitable standard?

Are further site re surveys required on surveyor?

Audit report notes


Photographs or drawing
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.