Shipping & Receiving Department

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Operator(s) using required PPE: safety glasses and safety shoes?

  • Operator(s) using required safety gloves when changing propane tanks?

  • PPE being worn properly?

  • Operator(s) ensuring that driver(s), if outside of truck, have on the required PPE?

Fire Line

  • Fire extinguisher(s) easily accessible / identifiable?

  • Fire extinguisher(s) inspected monthly/annually?

Forklift Operation

  • Forks are tilted down and stored at ground level when not in use?

  • Operator(s) turning the forklift "off" before dismounting from the cab?

  • Operator(s) engaging the "brake" before dismounting from the cab?

  • Are load(s) balanced while forklift is in transit?

  • Operator(s) sounding the horn before moving with a load?

  • Is the operator(s) ensuring that loads do not pass over head of other personnel?


  • Operator(s) wearing seatbelt while operating the forklift?

  • Are daily inspections being performed?

  • Operator(s) using proper lifting techniques (using legs, back straight, weight close to body, feet flat on floor, knees bent)?

  • Employee(s) safely handling materials?

Pipe Storage

  • All chocks are in place before operator places pipe in storage locations?

Loading & Unloading

  • Is the delivery truck parked in a stable / flat area (i.e. not on an incline)?

  • Have the operator(s) ensured that no one is walking or standing between the forklift and the delivery truck?

  • if the operator(s) have a helper, are they positioned at the ends of the loads (i.e. not in front of the load, etc.)?

  • When loading, has the operator(s) ensured that each row is chocked before loading?

Sound Level

  • Screen Capture (15s - 30s) using Sound Meter app

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