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  • Sewer Sub Contractor Onsite

  • Sewer Retic Staus

1.2 Safety - Trenching, Pipelaying,Manholes, Backfill

  • Are trenches barricaded and made safe when left open.

  • Is lifting equipment suitable for the works being carried out.

  • Have workers on site been provided with a ladder or other means of access or egress where required

  • Are confined space entry authorised personnel on site with safety equipment

  • Are hats and vests being worn by workers where required

  • Are shields being used in trenchs

  • Do the works require confined space entry

  • Is a qualified mine manager on site during all excavations

  • Are environmental No Go areas fenced where required.

1.3 Environmental - Earthworks, Excavation.

  • Do stockpiles have adequate silt runoff protection.

1.4 Works - Trenching, Pipe-laying, Manhole building,Backfill

  • Does the contractor have current construction design with the latest revision number on site.

  • Is there an accredited pipe layer on site where required.

  • Does plant and equipment have suitable warning lights and reversing beepers

  • Are trench widths adequate for pipe size/ type.

  • Are pipes being installed as per design.

  • Type of pipe being used as per design drawings.

  • Are clearances to other services being maintained as per specification.

  • Does trench backfill material comply with standard drawings and specifications

  • Is the bedding material & thickness within tolerance and being compacted correctly

  • Is ground support suitable for the ground conditions and depth of excavation

  • Are end caps being used during construction where required.

  • Are boundary traps required on the project.

  • Have property branches been marked with PVC pipe to allow for asset recording purpose.

  • Has the concrete for manholes been placed and vibrated.

  • Is the surface finish of pit / manhole walls satisfactory.

  • Is compaction being done by contractor,and tested by registered contractor.

  • Are lids / covers as per design and correct rating.

  • Are pipes being stored on site as required.

1.4 Manhole-Inspection.

  • Have shields being used when manhole construction

  • Is form work adequate for the structure being constructed.

  • Does chase appear to be smooth and radial.

  • Do drop pipes and brackets appear to be in correct location.

  • Manhole hole / Inspection shaft located in the correct drawing design location.

  • Has construction of sewer main been within the correct easement area.

  • Step irons and Ladders spacing ok.

  • Have covers been greased at completion of works.

  • Connection to existing main been completed.

  • Have plugs been removed.



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