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  • WELCOME EVERYONE to the RJA TOOLBOX TALK on Fall Protection

  • It may seem that a job can be performed more efficiently without spending the time to protect against falls.
    However, falls remain one of the top causes of fatalities in construction.
    Workers have fallen off edges of every description, especially roofs, through voids in floors, from edges without guardrails.
    Fall protection is required whenever a worker can fall from one level to another.

  • Preventing Falls: To prevent accidental falls at worksites, the following controls can be used;

  • • Make sure the site has all voids/manholes covered

  • • Work from the ground if possible

  • • Work from the ground if possible - there's no chance of falling !

  • • Work from a mobile scaffold or Work Platform

  • • Work from a platform ladder

  • • Avoid working from a step ladder - and make sure you follow safe work procedures when using ladders.

  • Now we have some Questions for all of you !

  • What do you do if you notice a uncovered area in the floor ?

  • Can someone tell me a time when they saw a person fall from a ladder ? Why did this happen ?

  • Does anyone have any questions about Fall Protection ?

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