Survival Kit

  • Do you have these items packed for your trip?

Air Travel Friendly Survival Kit


  • Swiss Army Firesteel

  • Lighter


  • Torch

  • 3 x AAA


  • Whistle


  • UHF Radio

  • 3 x AAA

  • Signaling Mirror


  • Pace Beads

  • Watch

  • Compass

  • Local Map

  • Notepad & Pen / Pencil


  • 2L Dry Bag

Medical Kit

  • Do you have your medical kit packed for this trip?

Medical Kit

  • Quick Travel Medical Kit

Barter Kit

  • Do you have these items packed for your trip?

Barter Kit

  • AU$200 Local Currency No less than

  • Do you have sufficient currency in case of emergency?

  • No less than the equivalent of AU$200 in local currency or the same in a local higher value currency.

  • No less than the equivalent of AU$20 Spare Change

  • Travel Card - Loaded with Local Currency min AU$20

  • Are your travel cards loaded with currency?

  • GoCard (Brisbane)

  • Opal Card (Sydney)

  • AU$1000 Precious Metals or Stones

  • 2 x Prepaid Credit Card loaded with local currency - AU$1000 Each

  • Are your repaid credit cards loaded with sufficient currency for your trip?

  • Prepaid VISA

  • Prepaid MasterCard

  • Credit Card

  • Is there credit available on the credit card?

  • How much credit is available?

  • Pack of Cigarettes

  • Small bottle of Spirits




  • 1 x Suit

  • 1 x Business Shirt

  • 1 Pair Business Socks

  • 1 x Leather Belt

  • 1 Pair Dress Shoes

  • 1 x Tie

Good Casual

  • 1 x Jacket

  • 1 Pair Long Trousers / Jeans etc

  • Walking Shoes

  • 3 x Casual Socks

  • 2 x Plain Polo Shirts

  • 1 x Plain T-Shirt

  • 3 Pairs Underwear

  • Thermal Underwear

  • 1 Pair Shorts


  • 1 Pair Swimmers

  • 1 x Board Shorts



  • Notebook

  • Pen

  • Laptop

  • Laptop Charger

  • Mouse

  • Portable HDD

  • USB Hub

  • Card Reader

  • USB Stick

  • USB cables

  • Laser Pointer / Presenter

  • Iphone

  • iPhone Charger

  • iPad

  • iPad Charger

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