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  • Is there a written and approved site procedure for working at height?

  • Has it been communicated to the employees ?

  • Has it been communicated to the contractors?

Risk assessment

  • Has a risk assessment been conducted and signed off before starting work at height?

  • Has a permit to work been completed and approved?

  • Has fall prevention been implemented wherever possible?

Safe system of work

  • Are protective and prevent measures implemented for the task?

  • Are personal protective equipment used and are adequate?

  • Is there adequate equipment for the task ?

  • Are there right tools for the job?

  • Is there proper supervision for the job?

  • Is there safe access and agrees ?

Fall prevention

  • Is there a safe working platform such as scaffold or Mobile access tower?

  • Is there a safe working platform such as scissor lifts or telescopic man-lifts?

  • Is there travel restrictions system such as lanyard with a fixed length to prevent workers from reaching the danger zone ?<br>

  • Is there permanent installation working platform for the frequent routine working at height activities?

Fall protection

  • Are appropriate fall protect (full body harness)with shock absorbing lanyard used?

  • Is there a system for ensuring that fall protection equipment tested and certified for use and inspected by the user before use and being destroyed following a fall or where inspection has shown evidence of excessive wear or mechanical malfunction?

  • Is there a register of all fall protection equipment?

  • Is the anchorage point used capable with standing the considerable forces generated if a fall did occur?

  • Is there a system to ensure anchorage points are tested and approved by a competent person to ensure that they are secured and can take required load?

  • Is there a system for preparing and testing emergency rescue procedures for fall victims?

Falling objects

  • Is there barricade for overhead work being conducted?

  • Are scaffolds and work platforms maintained tidy and orderly at all time?

  • Do all items on the scaffold or work platform secured when not in use and untended to prevent them falling

Scaffold and work platforms

  • Are scaffolds planned, erected, dismantled or altered by capable trained personnel under appropriate capable supervision?

  • Are scaffolds and working platforms constructed so that they are?<br>A) level, straight, and erected on a firm stable solid foundation with supporting metal base plates and timber sole plates, loose bricks or similar objects must never be used to support a scaffold <br>B) of sufficient strength and rigidity and are suitable for the purpose for which they are intended<br>C) Secured, stable and properly braced and tied (secured to another structure)<br>D) Assembled so that all components are securely fastened and cannot be accidentally displaced

  • Are tools, objects or materials not thrown from scaffold or work platforms to the ground?

  • Is the working platform fully and completely assembled with all decking, toe boards, guardrails and mid rails in place?

  • Is ladder used to access or egress mobile scaffold towers instead of climbing the scaffold members as means of access or egress?

  • Is mobile tower or scaffold structure being used even if some of the component parts are missing, broken or incompatible or it doesn’t display current inspection tag?

  • Are Mobile tower never moved when people are still on the working platform?when in use all brakes are securely applied?

  • Are all towers inspected by a capable person after assembly and prior to any use and an inspection tag displayed?

Mobile elevated platforms

  • Are employees working on mobile platforms wearing fall protection?

  • All MWEPs are well maintained, serviced and regularly inspected and evidence of regular maintenance, servicing and inspection available?

  • Are MWEPs never used as a lifting machine or any similar activity?

  • Do all work activities involving MWEPs have an appropriate risk assessment?

  • Are only trained and certified people operate and work from MWEPs?

  • Are daily pre used checks and inspection recorded on the inspection card for that piece of equipment?

  • Are hardhats, safety boots, suitable eye protection and gloves as well as full body harness with a fall arrest or restraint lanyard worn every person working from an elevated working platform?


  • Is there a system in place for registration, marking, inspecting and maintenance of all ladders and step ladders?

  • Are homemade or temporary ladders used on site

  • Are ladders or step ladders used for routine tasks with low risk and of short duration

  • Are barricades and signs used to prevent pedestrians and vehicles from inadvertently colliding with the ladder ?

  • Are users inspect the ladder or step ladders prior to any use, for any visible defects?

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