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  • Monthly Good House Keeping champion Checklist

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  • 1) All comfort cooling temperatures set as per PFP Leisure policy and a thermometer confirms this?

  • 2) No portable heaters are in use unless for health and safety reasons?

  • 3) lights are switched off in all areas when not required?

  • 4) lux levels are achieved as per guidance?unless numerous lights are out you can just tick yes on the basis you have completed your 6monthly audit pack where you measure this

  • 5) All passive infrared (PIR) activated lights are operating correctly?

  • 6) Free cooling to fitness/studio is in use only if area is occupied?

  • 7) portable fans are not in use unless for health and safety reasons or to avoid use of comfort cooling?

  • 8) All appliances/monitors/printers not in use are turned off?..... but not servers or cpu's as these are updated overnight by IT


  • 1) All radiator TVR's are set as per PFP Leisure policy?

  • 2) Any radiator not required is turned to frost protection setting or off?

  • 3) All thermostats/BMS systems and operation times are set correctly?

  • 4) Doors and windows are closed to conserve heat?

  • 5) Extract fans are not in use when area is unoccupied?

  • 6) Pool covers are working and used everyday?

  • 7) Pool temp is set as per PFP Leisure policy


  • 1) All taps can be fully isolated and not dripping?

  • 2) All overflows are drip free?

  • 3) Automatic urinal flush systems operate correctly?

  • 4) WC cisterns have water saving devices that operate correctly?

  • 5) WC cisterns are set at the minimum water levels?

  • 6) Running hoses are not left unattended?

  • 7) No evidence of leaks in plant-rooms, toilet or change areas?


  • 1) PFP Leisure current policy statement is displayed in staff rooms?

  • 2) Site Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is displayed in a public area?

Additional Information Of upgrades/Improvements/Breakdowns

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Audit Sign-Off

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  • 1) All Remedial items for defects need adding to the site Helpdesk Log.

    2) All additional 'staff awareness' items raising at the monthly senior management meetings.

    3) All additional information provided of upgrades/improvements need noting and adding to the utility quarterly reports.

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