Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Site Name

  • Date

  • Simpro Job Number

  • Location
  • Fantail Employee Name

  • Fantail Employee Contact Number

  • Fantail Employee Signature

  • Site Contact Person:

  • Site Contact Number:

  • Fantail H & S Representative: Erik Potgieter

  • Fantail H & S Contact Number: 021 249 3563

  • Document Number

To be completed on site

PPE Required for ActivityTask

  • Hard Hat, Hi Visibility Vest, Safety Glasses, Safety boots & gloves, add in any additional PPE in the notes

Identified Task and Associated Hazard

  • Sequence of Basic Steps: Describe each step in the activity – most will have 4-8 steps. Follow the flow of the product or process.

  • Potential hazards and risks Describe the key hazards and risks for each step
  • Identified Hazard

  • Control methods and level of control Describe the key/significant way to control the risk and then refer to the hierarchy of controls
  • Control Method

  • Initial Risk Assessment - Before the controls are in place. Refer to the risk assessment matrix

  • Level

  • Residual risk assessment After all controls are in place. Refer to the risk assessment matrix.

  • Level

  • Attendee Name
  • I have read and understood this Task Analysis. I agree to work to these terms and follow the process.

  • Name:

  • Signature

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