• 1.01 Is site fencing intact? (No Damage)

  • 1.02 Is gate locked?

  • 1.03 All rubbish in designated area?

  • 1.04 Has ground and first floor been swept?

  • 1.05 Has all left over material been stacked neatly?

Frame Write up

  • 1.01 Are cavity sliding units on site?

  • 1.02 Are all noggins in place? (if No, take pics of where they are required)

  • 1.03 Is there adequate blocking to walls and niches?

  • 1.04 Does Alfresco require bulkhead?

  • 1.05 Is there adequate blocking to steel beams?

  • 1.06 Have steel posts been braced and blocked out with timber?

  • 1.07 Is there adequate blocking above stacker or bifold doors for top support?

  • 1.07.1 Have you checked requirement of Bifold door or is track finishing flush with tile level? (if flush finish is required, book concrete cut or check tiling provisions)

  • 1.08 Is there adequate blocking for grab rail to stairs and internal steps?

  • 1.09 Can fireplace be installed without framework being completed or modified ?(verify fireplace specs and framework detail)

  • 1.10 Are nib walls adjacent to kitchen cupboard plumb?

  • 1.11 Can kitchen be installed without frame amendments? (check kitchen design)

  • 1.12 Are all Joists and beams free of notching caused by plumbing stacks?

  • 1.13 Is there adequate blocking to wet area niches?

  • 1.14 Have all bracing and triple grips been installed?

  • 1.15 Have all shear blocks been installed?

  • 1.16 Have double triple grips been installed to truncated girder truss?

  • 1.17 Can plywood be installed to top of steel beams to achieve consistent floor level?

  • 1.18 Is dwarf wall to void and stairs at correct height?(check handrail selection)

  • 1.19 Are Niches located in correct walls to wet areas? (NOTE: no shower head is to face shower screen door)

  • 1.20 Is adequate auxiliaries been supplied for cladding?(I.e. external and internal mouldings/capping)

  • 1.21 Has manhole been installed and location been identified?

  • 1.22 Is laundry chute able to be installed without modification to floor joists?(if no, request design alteration from frame supplier)


  • Please add any additional information/comments

  • Site Manager Sign off

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