AED - Automatic External Defibrillator Audit

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Security and Alarms

  • Before opening the cabinet, ring security, advise them you are about to test and check the AED and for them to stay on the phone, monitor for an alarm when you open the cabinet.

  • Did the alarm work in security when the cabinet was opened ?

  • From the alarm only, could security tell where the AED is located ?

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Signage and Instructions

  • Is there a triangular AED sign located above the cabinet and can be easily seen ?

  • Does the cabinet / unit contain written instructions for use ?

  • Are the locations of first aid officers or first aid kits provided near the cabinet ?


  • Is the AED unit located in its designated security box ?

  • Is the AED unit clean, undamaged ?

  • Is the Status Indicator showing a green check mark or the word 'OK'?

  • Is the AED rescue kit present and either stored in the carry case or cabinet or attached to the AED unit?

  • Does the AED rescue kit include: gloves, prep razor, scissors, towel, moist towelettes, CPR mask?

  • Are all electrode packages in the unit sealed and within the expiration date?

  • What is the expiry date marked on the electrodes in the unit ? Enter date below.

  • Are the electrodes attached to the unit?

  • Are the batteries in the unit within the expiration date?

  • What is the expiry date marked on the batteries in the unit ? Enter date below.

  • Are you re-installing new electrodes or batteries?

  • What did you install ?

  • If re-installing new electrodes or batteries, did you turn unit on to allow it to complete a full self-test to confirm a visible green check mark?

  • Enter reason not tested:

  • What is the expiry date marked on the new electrodes or batteries ? Enter date below.

  • Before placing the unit back in the cabinet, is the Status Indicator showing a green check mark or the word 'OK'?


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