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1.Briefing & Aiming

1.1. Producers providing consumables for marine industry will undergo this voluntary service.

1.2.The objective of type approval programme is to ensure that producers have qualified personnel and have documented and implemented systems for control, verification and reporting. In addition, manufacturers shall provide the necessary technical equipment and facilities commensurate with even and controlled product.

1.3.This approval programme defines the procedures required for obtaining the Society's approval for type approval certificate.

1.4.The approval is valid for one year.


2.Documents to be submitted

2.1.Quality plan, for each type of requested product.

2.1.1.Quality control of raw materials.

2.1.2.During manufacturing quality checks.

2.1.3.Final products tests.

2.1.4.Calibration plan.

2.1.5. Final product storage procedure.

2.2.Product(s) technical details. (e.g. Required additives and use procedures)

2.3. An outline of the producer's organization and management structure, including any subsidiaries.


3. Quality management system audit

3.1.Quality management certificate (according to ISO 9001)

3.2. Quality management of subsidiaries and agents

3.3. Recording and reports according to ITP.

3.4.Record of customer claims and corrective actions requested by the Society and/or other certification bodies

4.8. Periodic review of work process procedures, complaints, corrective actions, issuance, maintenance and control of documents.

Any non conformities or observations from previous audits?

3.5. Record of the equipment, date of calibration and current status.


4. Sampling and traceability check

4.1. Sample serial no. Batch no. Lot no,.

Sample picture


8. Confirmations

8.1. Client representative name:

8.2. Representative position

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9. Results

Based on the findings of this audit and documents introduced to ACS auditor, the above mentioned company is authorized to provide services on- behalf of the society.

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