What is your first impression as you enter this area of the club?

Is the layout, initial presentation and feel both welcoming and representative of our brand?

Is this area Convenient for the member? Are the time critical things fully functional?

Entrance Doors – the doors are free from damage. The doors allow easy access for people and their belongings and the entry turnstile works correctly.

Club entry/exit barriers and ease of ‘swiping’ in allows members to enter our clubs without
any problems

Lift is working and stairs are convenient for member use.

Is this area safe and in a good state of repair?

Lighting - internal and external exits, corridors and lobby lighting is functioning but only switched
on where natural light is inadequate or if other areas may be negatively affected.

Temperature & Ventilation - the area is the correct temperature and humidity is maintained at a comfortable level (as a guide 22° C). Air con should be switched off in isolated areas that are not being used e.g. offices.

Floors have no visible cracks or damage

Walls & Surfaces are suitable for the intended purpose and free from ingrained staining or wear.

Ceilings should be in good condition with no cracks on tiles or roof area. Roof fittings are not
damaged e.g. sprinkler systems, fire alarm, lights

Doors should be able to open and close fully and have no damage to materials or fixtures

Windows, glass and mirrors are in a good state of repair and free from damage

The Front of House desk - in front, on top and behind is neatly presented and limited to displaying brand approved marketing material and stationary. No personal effects or food/ drinks are evident.

The sign up rooms/booths – in front, on top and behind are neatly presented and limited to displaying brand approved marketing material and stationary. No personal effects or food /drinks to be evident.

If any cleaning or maintenance is taking place in this area then the appropriate ‘A’ frame sign is being used to warn members of a wet/slippery floor, a trip hazard, hazardous substances or cleaning in
progress. Is the right equipment being used and no equipment or materials are left unattended?

Is this area clean and tidy?

Floors - should have no visible dust, dirt or marks

Stairs & lift - must be clean throughout and kept well maintained throughout the operational hours. Look at walls, floors, use the lift and ensure functions are correct.

Walls - no dust on walls or skirting boards

Windows - free from finger marks or dust and dirt

Mirrors and glass

Ceilings, lights fittings, vents and high level signage.

The desk - in front, on top and behind is clean and free from dirt. No personal effects or food/ drinks are evident.

The sign up rooms – in front, on top and behind are clean free from litter and dust. No personal effects or food /drinks to be evident.

Entry/Exit turnstyles and gates

How are we communicating to the members in this area?

Branding & permanent signage – All logo’s, graphics and branded features are up to date and new brand logo is presented. No unauthorised use of other company logos.

Non-essential stickers, banners, signage, posters and material handouts are limited and if used, are in line with our ‘Club Communication Guidelines’. No clip art or home-made posters displayed.

Required signage is in the appropriate place. Opening hours, emergency contact numbers, safety and other signs are well positioned, accurate, relevant and easy to read. Signage bears the Virgin
Active brand logo and is in one style and typeface. Include liquor license plate, no smoking sign,
opening hours, H&S signs.

Notice boards – ‘Tell us how it is’ board is in place and up to date, other notice boards are kept to a minimum and the content is branded and meets our ‘Club Communication Guidelines’.

Background Music and TV – volume and content is appropriate for the time of day. TV
(were applicable) picture is clear, properly tuned in and sound is clear. The tannoy/paging
operating standard is being adhered to.

Lost Property management is updated and signed off as per the Operating Standard. All lost property is stored in a locked room and the room is neat, clean with no bad odours.

Are our people in this area delivering ACTIVENESS?

Is the reception desk manned at all times?

Looking good - Staff are in the correct uniform, with correct name badge in the right place.

Receptionist says good-bye to members by using their names inviting them back to the Club

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.