What is your first impression as you enter this area of the club?

Is the layout, initial presentation and feel both welcoming and representative of our brand?

Is this area Convenient for the member? Are the time critical things fully functional?

All pools are open. Water is clean, at correct temperature (Main pool 29° C or 30° C if linked to a kids pool. Kids pool 31° C. Outdoor main pool 27.5° C),chlorine & PH level being monitored and correct.

Adequate number of towel hooks available

Swimming management – Lane rope positioning and lane signage/organisation. Swim aids are easily accessible (kick board and buoy at the end of the lanes).

All water fountains are working with no standing water in the drain

Is the pool area/s safe and in a good state of repair?

Lighting including lights inside the pools

Inside the pool, poolside floors, stairs and pool transfer channels - floors are not greasy or slippery
underfoot both when wet of dry. Grates around pools must be aligned, level and none missing.

Walls, ceilings, doors, windows, glass and mirrors

Kids pool jets and features are all in good state of repair and working with appropriate pressure/power

Temperature & Ventilation - the area is the correct temperature and humidity is maintained at a
comfortable level to accommodate the type of environment (as a guide air temp should be 1° C
higher than the pool temperature)

Poolside shower and shower areas

Pool bottom can be clearly seen and is not affected by glare or pool lighting.

If any cleaning or maintenance is taking place in this area then the appropriate 'A' frame sign is
being used to warn members of a wet/slippery floor, a trip hazard, hazardous substances or cleaning
in progress. Is the right equipment being used and no equipment or materials are left unattended?

Is this area clean and tidy?

Inside the pool, poolside floors, stairs and pool transfer channels

Walls, windows, mirrors and glass

Ceilings, lights fittings, vents and high level signage.

Lifeguard store / pool testing area is clean, tidy and well presented

Poolside shower and shower areas

How are we communicating to the members in this area?

Branding & permanent signage – All logo’s, graphics and branded features are upto date and new brand logo is presented

Non essential stickers, banners, signage and posters – are limited and if used are in line with our
‘Club Communication Guidelines’.

Notice boards – Notice boards are kept to a minimum and the content is branded and meets our
‘Club Communication Guidelines’.

Background music – Volume and content is appropriate in this area.

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